Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A child's mind...

...never forgets!!  Even though I slept til 9am this morning (I was really tired) Noelle waited to eat breakfast because I had told her last night that we could make muffins.  And sure enough, we did!

She chose blueberry over lemon-poppy seed, which was very surprising.

Since she is currently off dairy we made them with Very Vanilla Soy Milk.  I couldn't taste a difference, but they didn't hold together as well as normal.  That could have been because I got distracted and left them in too long though.  The kids didn't mind at all.

I always use my stand mixer now and Noelle loves to watch it go round and tell me when it is mixed well.  She also poured everything in and put the papers in the muffin tin.  She is a great kitchen helper!!  She also helps me grind my coffee on the mornings we are at home.  She will hold the button down with just 1 finger and then tell me her finger hurts afterward.  LOL  She will proceed to watch the pot until it has filled up and then let me know it's ready.

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