Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/3/10 RenFest

Saturday we went down to Larkspur for the Renaissance Festival.  J's parents went with the 4 of us this year.  We only spent about 3 hours but we had lots of fun.

The kids were given wishes, gems, and dragon's tears from the many costumed characters throughout.

They rode a Dragon Boat christened Clarice.

They were supposed to pull the rope to make the wings at the top flap, Adam and the unknown girl couldn't quite figure out to do it together.

The guys took on the dart shooters.  Adam was rather adept at getting the dart on the target.

He'll be hunting with Grandpa Ron in no time!

We enjoyed several Harpists.  This nice man even let them try it out.

He loves the pretty ladies!

They each chose a sword to bring home.  Adam has a wooden dagger and sword from previous years as well.  These were really neat though in that they were painted with a cool design.  Adam's is actually glow in the dark!  Noelle also got a crown/circlet, but I don't have a pic yet as that was more me wanting her to have one.  She could care less.

Adam had better watch out now that Noelle has her own weapon!

We can't wait to again next year, and truth be told J and I wish just the 2 of us could go again this year!!

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  1. The kids would love to have A and N over for a play date if you and your hubby want to hit the Ren fest. I am going on Saturday. Your pictures make it look fun.


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