Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/2/10 Water World

Last Friday we were able to go to Water World with Stef, Debra, and Jae.  I hadn't been in pry 8 years and the kids had never been.  After waiting out some rain, which cleared out the place (!!), we went in at about 3pm.  First up was Thunder Bay for some wave jumping/riding and we practically had to drag them out of there to go on a couple raft rides.  Stef, Noelle, and I rode together and Debra took the boys.  We drug the rafts up the hill for Storm and Voyage to the Center of the Earth.  Storm is pitch black the whole time so Noelle had to be made to try Voyage, she liked it though.  She even took a little nap while waiting for it! 

After that we split up so Stef and Debra could take the boys on a few rides that Noelle was too little for.  Noelle and I headed over to Big Top where she could do a kid friendly lazy river called Clown Around the Creek, a tube ride by the name of Monkey Business, and play in the water at Silly Shores.  At the end of the day we rode the Fun H2Ouse Express Gondola back up the hill to the food court for ice cream and a funnel cake.  We had so much fun!!  I would love to go again this summer.

Jae and Adam


  1. Sounds like everyone had a fun time

  2. I still haven't been to water world, ever!! Hopefully next summer for sure :)


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