Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adam's Team Picnic and Awards

First off - Adam won his game ball Wednesday!!!  He played a really great game! 
These balls are very special since they are 2010 REDS Spring Training balls.

Adam's team played the Red Sox again today, this was who they played Wednesday.  The Red Sox coach said we are the 2 best teams he has played this year and he could not believe the way our team's friends and family show up to support the kids.  Both of which were great compliments!

Grandpa Ron, Grandma Sheri, Heidi, Brent, Riley, Keelie, and Danny all showed up to cheer Adam on today!!

Riley and Keelie even made a sign for him!!
(I overheard the Red Sox coach mention about this sign as well!)

Getting ready for the game.


Adam received the Scott Rolen Award, a ball signed by Mike Leake (the REDS Pitcher), baseball cards, and will get on Monday a ball signed by every team mate and coach.

Thank you to Coach Eric, Coach Mike, Coach Steve, and Coach Larry for an amazing season!!

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