Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7/4/10 Go Rockies

On Sunday we went to the Rockies game to do the parade Adam did not get to due June 13th due to the icky weather.  The Rockies had offered the league, CYBSA, $1 tickets to the July 4th game and rescheduled the parade for that day.  We grabbed up 6 tickets and took Greg and Michele with us.  We had lots of fun and the kids did a great job!  We decided to leave at the 7th inning stretch in order to leave before the kids got antsy.  I'm so glad we did, the game went for 15 innings and I guess it started pouring in the 14th!  We won though!!

Adam's team on the track - Adam is the only child in a red shirt with jeans on.

They have a great kid's playground that allowed Noelle to get some energy out before we went to our seats.

Mama M, Noelle, and J waiting for the parade.
Our seats were perfect!! At about 3rd base, upper level and complete shade!! 
Yeah for no sunscreen!!

She had a couple bites of cotton candy but, as we already knew, she was not a fan.

Now Kettle Corn is a whole different story!! 
The kids, Greg, Michele, and I finished the whole bag.

Greg and Michele

Watching Dinger throw shirts into the stands, we were sadly too high up to get any.
(BTW, have you noticed Noelle's new hairdo.  It's nice and short!)

(No words necessary)

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