Monday, November 23, 2009

What has Adam been doing?

Adam had a very fun Halloween!  We went to Malara Gardens in Arvada with my MOPS group to pick out pumpkins.  They also had a small hay bale maze that Adam really enjoyed.  He gets along really well with my friend Trish's 2 boys, Joshua and Jayden, so they had a blast, all 3 dressed up as some sort of Superhero, going through the maze again and again together.  The kids all got little pumpkins from the MOPS group to color and put stickers on.  We also purchased our regular pumpkins there.  Adam picked the biggest pumpkin of us all!  The total price for mine, J's, and Noelle's pumpkins didn't even add up to the $20 cost of Adam's!!

We spent Halloween morning at the Southlands Mall trick or treat event.  We had fun, but there were a lot of people!  Then we headed over to our friend's house for a little party and more pumpkin carving!  As per our normal Halloween routine we then headed up to the Cordova house for a Chili dinner with cinnamon rolls and then trick or treating.  Adam had a great time trick or treating with Jae, Justice, and Noelle.  (Not to count the 6 adults following along!)

Aside from trick or treating Adam's favorite part of Halloween has always been carving pumpkins.

He picked Iron Man for his pumpkin design.  Unfortunately the design was so intricate that J had to do the actual carving.  He did help to carve a second pumpkin at a party later on.

We have had a LOT of snow in the last month!  This storm dropped over 18 inches and caused a snow day for the whole family.

Even though he is in the PM Kindi class he attends Kindi Enrichment in the morning.  I joke that he spends 4 hours every school day doing arts and crafts (not that there is anything wrong with that!!).  He brings home a LOT of artwork though!! 

Because he is so advanced his teacher requires him to write a sentence on his artwork instead of just a one word label like the other kids do.

We actually did this leaf print at home over his 3 week school break in October.  He really enjoyed it!!

Adam's parent teacher conference was last week.  We have seen some odd speech patterns recently so we requested the speech therapist also attend.  Turns out that what we are noticing is pretty normal for HIM at this stage.  They are working really hard on R sounds while still reinforcing the s and z sounds..  He really struggles with the word "girl" in particular.  I guess the r-l combo is very hard.  His comes out more like "grul", but she said not to worry about it.  He had also been saying "say" and "said" weird, but of course said them perfectly when I had him read them at the conference.  I forgot to ask about about "saw", which he says as "sow".  His teacher had rave reviews of him and says she will be sending home extra work for him, especially in math.  She is allways having to find him new books to read as it is.  He can read a level 2 book pretty easily so we are working on the fluency of his reading now.  Check back soon to here about Adam's first "report" for school.  Hint - he picked "Bull".

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