Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Noelle's World

Noelle really seemed to enjoy Halloween this year.  And she actually wanted to dress up!!  She made an adorable little witch.  Justin kept asking her if she was a good witch or a bad witch, her answer changed daily.  It took her a little while to figure out the trick or treating thing on Halloween morning, but once she did she was having a blast!  She was pulling me along if I got too slow walking to the next candy station at Southlands Mall.

We didn't think allowing Noelle anywere near a sharp object was a good idea, so she did a Princess Pumpkin Head this year.  She also got to help me clean out my pumpkin.  She liked it as much this year as she did her very first Halloween in 2007!

Noelle LOVES to play in the snow and sled around the neighboorhood and in the backyard.  Fortunately for her we have had several feet of snow over the last month or so.

What's Halloween without glow in the dark vampire teeth!?!

Noelle always runs lots of errands with me, but a couple weeks ago I was asking a really lot of her.  Archiver's had special deals and FREEBIES going on two Fridays in a row and I took Noelle with me both times.  She did such a great job in Archiver's and then Ross that I got her this Dora bouncing ball.  Do you think she likes it??

Last week we went to the Museum of Nature and Science with one of my friends and her two youngest children.  We had 5 children 2 and under between us!!  Noelle had so much fun playing in the Discovery Zone, seeing the Dinosaurs, and pretending to be an Astronaut!  I'm sure we will be going back real soon.  The first pic has Audrey(2), Noelle(2), Declan(1), and then Zane(2).  I also had Lexie who is just 3 months old.

Silly girl!

She came to me this morning and told me she had her cape on.  LOL  She has jeans and a t-shirt on, then the flower pj's, then the blue pj's as her "cape".

Noelle got her hair cut this last weekend.  We needed it shorter, even though it was not very long, because it is SOOO thick that it's impossible to keep it combed easily.  She never wants me to do anything with it either.  Before it was cut it was a great length for getting dirty from her food or mouth.  Now when she leans forward her hair doesn't reach her mouth or drag in her food!!  It's perfect and looks very cute on her!

I have some very sweet video of her but am having trouble uploading any videos to blogger.  I will pry end up loading the videos to facebook and then just linking them in another post.

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