Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

We all love to fly kites!  There is no better combination than when the field is right out your back door and it's really windy out.  The kids have dinky little plastic kites they get for Easter every year, they work great for lighter winds, but on this day we had to get out the big guns kite as well.  Our big kite is a Dragon with red wings.  It's huge and requires very strong wind to keep it up.

Noelle is flying her Barbie kite here.  Adam would help her get it back up if it came down.  So sweet!!

Adam tried to fly a Super Hero kite, but it had been through too many windy days and was also missing a key piece to keep it stable.  So he got the fly the Dragon.  He was very frustrated at first, then he finally got the hang of how to always be moving away from the kite (since it kept changing directions on him).  I also taught him how to flip the Dragon with both hands in order to get it up in the air for me.

I never occured to me to have them take coats, I figured we would be running around and they would be a burden more than anything else.  Noelle got pretty chilly after a while.

When we got home we had nice warm hot chocolate together!!

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