Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinosaurs and Puzzles, Oh My!

The kids wanted to go the the Museum of Nature and Science a couple weeks ago, so we went.  Adam wanted to see the dinosaurs and Noelle wanted to do puzzles.  It was just before lunch time when we got there so we went to the Kids Discovery Zone first.

Such a handsome boy, he looks more and more like his daddy every day.

Next we ate lunch and then went off to see the Dinosaurs.  It's so boring to me, but he always wants to see them, not that he pays attention if I try to read the plaques to him.  He is getting better though.  I have been wanting to see the Expedition Health exibit since it opened so I dragged the kids through there, they had fun though.  Adam and I were given Peak Passes and entered our info on it.  As we went through the exibit we did various things that measured our health/body.  When we turned in our cards at the end it gave us print outs containing the info on us.  I had to skip a lot of stuff since the kids were with me.  I would love to take Justin and go by ourselves and actually do everything, it was lots of fun.

I had the kids do this mind ball thing.  They were supposed to relax and then their minds would move the ball.  Adam won, as you can see (or maybe you can't) the ball is in the circle in front of Noelle.  To Noelle's credit not only is she 2, but her headband kept falling down.  LOL

The kids watched, and participated in, this Superfood Heroes show.  Very silly, but also entertaining.  Adam was dressed as a walnut, kinda fits him actually.  LOL

I am on the top, Adam is below me in the middle, and Noelle is off to the right side.  She didn't get that she was supposed to put her face in it and instead pushed her whole body backwards onto it.  I turned her around and pushed her face into it afterwards, I'm such a mean mommy.

They had this AWESOME aging software.  This is Adam at 70 years old.  I also took a picture of him at 21 and 30 years old.  It will be interesting to go back and see how well the software works.  I did it for myself too, but I won't be sharing that one!

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