Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christmas lists already?

Adam asked me one day if we can get Mario Kart (for the Wii).  We play it at work sometimes and it's so fun!  I said how that would be nice and we should put it on a Christmas list.  Well he sure took that to heart!  He ran to his desk and started writing a Christmas list.  He asked both Noelle and I what we wanted, dart shooter and PhotoShop Elements, and wrote them down as well.

Aren't they sweet!

He wanted to ask Daddy what he wanted so he wrote an e-mail to him from his and Noelle's e-mail address.
It read:  "wut doo yoo wont for crismis?

J wrote back this HUGE list.  LOL  I think Adam ended up writing down music, Pink, and Battlestar Galactica.  His spelling was pretty funny though.

I love this shirt and vest a friend gave Noelle.  It also has a skirt, but it is way to big around for her.  The vest has 2 little pockets where the apples are towards the bottom.  Noelle LOVES pockets and always walks around with her hands in them.

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  1. Adam is sooo cute. He must really want Christmas. Could Justin tell it was him writing to him? It is so cute he did that. O, tell Adam I need money for chirstmas. LOL


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