Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chalk it up to leaves

My children's unending fascination with combining water and chalk still amazes me!!  They do make some great colors and designs though!  And I LOVE to see the little handprints all over my driveway.

Noelle:  Mommy, can I get wet?
Mommy:  No!

Clearly she didn't listen to my opinion.  Since my only reason for saying no was that I thought she might get a little cold, I decided to let her learn the lesson herself.  After she was good and soaked she said she was cold and put her jacket on (by herself).

One day last week we gathered up leaves from around the neighboorhood.  We made sure to get different types and sizes.  Then the kids and I painted them with watercolors and pressed them to paper to make prints and shadows.  We all had a great time!!

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