Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enjoying the calm!!

I feel like it has finally calmed down around here. For a couple weeks we were out and about any time I wasn't at work. It was really too much for both the kids and I. We were all getting tired and grumpy easily. So we are taking it easy this week and not planning any extra outings. We do have to go to Adam's new school tonight for Kindi orientation where we will find out who his teacher is, whether he is am or pm, and what track he is on. The track is a big deal since I am a planner at heart. He will either start July 7th or July 28th depending on what track he is on. Also I need to find childcare for him on Mon, Tues, and Thurs once he goes back to school after his summer break. We will also go to the Strong Willed Child seminar we are taking on Thursday night. I am hoping for a lazy day at home on Friday. I would love to finally try out the trail by our house and see how long it takes to walk it to Adam's new school. We have really been enjoying the nice weather this week and I hope it stays for a while. I have managed to get out for a walk every morning so far, even if it was a quick 15 minute one today. I will post some pics soon and also plan on writing about how I tried for Nuggets tickets yesterday bright and early.

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