Monday, May 18, 2009

I got an Awe-summm Award!!

Okay, so its not a REAL award, but I am still excited to have been tagged by! Thanks Belinda!

So, my Queen duties include:

1. List 7 things that make me awe-summm.

2. Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that I love.

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens too (and link back to the Queen who tagged you).

7 reasons I am awe-summ:
1. I am a mom and wife.
2. I am a responsible person.
3. I recycle!
4. My children love me and want to be with me always.
5. I love reading, not just books, but anything I come across.
6. I am creative.
7. I work as a nanny.

And here are the Queens I crown!

4. Gretchen @

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