Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Bye Radio

It has become apparent to me in the last couple of days that Adam is taking in way more of what he hears around him that I thought. Since BOTH my kids have let me know that they do not enjoy country music (even though Adam can sing the KYGO jingle LOL), I have taken to listening to Alice 105.9, which J also listens too. I enjoy it because they talk about some very interesting and funny topics, and the music isn't too bad either. When I have it on in the car I turn only the front speakers on and try to keep it so just I can really hear it. As my family would agree to, I can be a little naive, sometimes. Apparently Adam hears EVERYTHING and is remembering it. We were in the car this morning and he all of a sudden starts repeating the beer commercial that is always playing for Tecate (may be spelled wrong) Light. He can repeat nearly the whole commercial!! Thank goodness he says "Cate Light". I can't even stand to smell of beer and the only beer we keep in the house is J's brother's home brew. J and I were talking about a topic Alice had been discussing a few nights ago at dinner. I can't remember what it was, but all of a sudden Adam joined the conversation. He had remembered the topic as well, although he fortunately didn't actually understand what it was!! The topics are sometimes inappropriate for kids, but you would have to KNOW in order to actually truly understand what they are talking about. Again, I was being naive thinking Adam wasn't listening. I guess we will be listening to good old CD's for now on.

I would love to hear if anyone else has run into this problem!!

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  1. That's too funny!!! It's amazing what kids remember, Justice and Jae often shock me with things they pick up. I should burn you a copy of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson, both are very kid friendly, they talk about love and nature and are fun to sing to!


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