Thursday, September 13, 2012

Texas - Day 2

Our second day of driving wasn't nearly as easy as the first,  It was 8 hours of white knuckled driving.  Ugh.  We also woke up really late in the hotel.  It was very dark and gloomy out at 8 am when I woke up.  The rain did give us the advantage of getting to Austin earlier than we expected to though since we didn't very many stops and when we did they were quick.

Justin made the kids get out and stretch when we stopped for a quick bathroom break.  LOL!

Another bottle in the front seat.  Darn rain.  

Justin needed to put her somewhere safe while he was getting the kids lunch.
The view for about 90% of the driving.

 We did get somewhat of a pretty view of TX at one point though.  I was just exciting to see non flat land.  LOL!
Dinner at Furr's when we finally made it to the hotel in Austin.

When we checked in at the hotel we were informed that they didn't have the room available that I reserved several weeks beforehand.  I had reserved a 1 bedroom suite with a kitchen so we would be able to put the kids to bed in the bedroom and be able to stay awake ourselves in the living area.  Then Justin and I would just sleep on the pull out couch at night.  We were pretty annoyed.  Instead of a 1 bedroom suite we were in 2 separate rooms that only had one bed each.  The rooms were not adjoining or even next to each other.  This left Lily and I in one room and Justin and the older kids down the hall in another one.  It also meant I was secluded once it was time for Lily to go to sleep.  And poor Justin had to share a bed with both older kids.  Noelle tosses and turns ALL night and is all over the bed.  Grrr...  It makes no sense to me why they didn't contact us and explain the situation ahead of time so we could decide how to handle it.  The guy who checked us in didn't even offer to let us know when a room became available so we could move.  On top of our reservation not being held the hotel also did the same thing to Justin's sister and her kids!  If I ever go to Austin again I can guarantee I will not be staying at that hotel.

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  1. What an ordeal with the hotel! I would have threw a fit- I know that doesn't fix things, but its still annoying!


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