Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Texas - Day 1

We were supposed to leave the house at 8am, but I forgot to set an alarm and we didn't wake up until 7:30.  Oops!  We still made it out of the driveway at 9am, even with loading in the pouring rain. We got gas and ran by the bank and were on the road for good by 9:30.

They're ready to go!

She got fussy just a tiny bit the whole day.  She loves to chew on the silicone cover to my phone so we gave he Justin's cover and she happily chewed until she passed out.  LOL!!

We stopped in some tiny town that I can't recall the name of and found a little picnic area to eat at.  Unfortunately it was fairly chilly out, but we were dry!  

Trying some applesauce for the first time.  She's such a stinker!  When I tried again in the hotel she did seem to like it though.

Keeping warm with Daddy.

 Adam and Noelle ate lunch with their blankets over their legs since they had shorts on.

I chose to drive East to Limon and then down through the corner of Oklahoma so we would miss any morning rush hour traffic.  Which was useless since we left so late.  Oh well!

We saw TONS of these turbines going South Towards Oklahoma.  They were huge and just off the road on Wind Farms.

Rows upon rows as far as we could see.  J and I were mesmerized by them.  The kids?  Couldn't have cared less.

I love seeing really old dilapidated buildings.

One of the Cities we passed through.  J grew up on a street named Campo.

These were in Boise City, OK where we stopped real quick.  It was the ONLY town along our route in Oklahoma and was in the middle between Colorado and Texas.


Like I said, it rained a lot of the day, but the sun was able to peak through a little and we saw a double rainbow.  

Actually, the brighter arc was a full rainbow so we saw the entire arc.  Very cool.  Again, the kids were not impressed.

We drove a total of 8 hours and stopped in Plainview, TX for the night.  The kids all did awesome!  It was rainy but didn't affect our driving any.  

Enjoying getting to play out of her car seat.


  1. Hope you are all having a wonderful trip- sounds like the kids did great!

  2. Great pics from the wide-open road. You were RIGHT BY ME, in Limon. Okay, relatively speaking, that is, as I'm in Colorado Springs. Hope it was a wonderful trip in full, there and back. Love the photos.

    1. We actually came across New Mexico and up through Colorado Springs on our way home. It took quite a lot longer that way! The rest of the trip is coming, I've just been super busy between the three kids and working FT. LOL!


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