Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Day With Mommy

Justin had a game day with his friends yesterday.  The game they play is not conducive to distracting children.  Before he left though he was on Daddy duty for a few hours so I could sleep in and relax a little bit.  He got up with Lily for her 6:30am feeding, changed her, and headed down to make a bottle.  He came right back up and asked where the formula was.  Apparently he had used the last of it the night before and had assumed there was more somewhere.  Nope.  He had to head to the store to buy some.  It's a good thing Lily is so good natured.  She doesn't typically cry for food until you are putting the bib on her and she can see the bottle.  Oh, I'm pretty sure he went out in his Mountain Dew pajama pants.  LOL!

After Lily was down for her morning nap he took the older kids over to Home Depot to do the craft.  This time is was field goal posts.

Adam's is the black and silver.  Noelle's is the "colorful" one.

Adam came home afterwards and was very excited to tell me that he was given a compliment by a mom who was there with her pre-school aged child.  She told him what a neat painter he was.  He was so proud!

After Justin took off for the day we just hung around the house while I tried desperately to finish The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls.  I had already been reading it for over a month and had renewed it twice.  It's not that it was a bad book, I was just having trouble finding time to read and really get into it.

The kids really wanted to go to the park so I told them we could head out when Lily got up from her nap at 2:30.  I got busy and Lily slept a little late, so by the time we left it was after 3pm and was raining a little out.  Bummer!  We headed to the library to return/check out books and hopefully wait out the rain.  I sat and FINALLY finished my book while the kids played/read/fussed at me.

When we left it was dry out again so we headed to the big park in a nearby neighborhood that has multiple play structures and 3 types of swings.  All the kids enjoyed swinging and Adam and Noelle did great playing with each other.  Actually they played together ALL DAY with only fighting a tiny bit.  :)  Both kids hurt themselves while we were there.  Noelle racked her cheek on the swingset frame hard enough that it was still red at bed last night.  Adam fell off the swing and hit his cheek on the ground really hard.  I was SUPER pissed about that one since Noelle actually knocked him off my twisting her swing and kicking at him.  I had told them they couldn't twist the swing while swinging.  We went home at that point.
Lily loves swinging!

Noelle had told me she learned how to swing, but I looked over and saw this and was amazed.  She REALLY figured it out!  Now if she could hold on the whole time I might not have a heart attack constantly while watching her.

Adam has gotten pretty good at the monkey bars.  It pains me to watch though.  I remember doing it as a kid and getting blisters so I cringe when I watch this.

Even big kids have fun with the car.

Slumped.  As I went to take her out she slid her arm through the back hole and made it really difficult to pick her up.  Stinker!

This face.

On safari?!

My favorite shot of the day!  They thought this was the best game ever.

Even though I started the day off very grumpy I pulled through and we had a really great day together.

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