Friday, September 14, 2012

Texas - Day 3

It was really nice to wake up Friday morning and not have to pack up and get in the car.  We were able to relax in the rooms until mid afternoon.  Justin, Lily, and I went grocery shopping and to find me a skirt while Adam and Noelle played with their cousins in the morning.   Lily and I even took a nice long nap after lunch!
Breakfast of donuts and applesauce.  Perfect!

We tried to put her on the floor to play anytime we could since most of the trip was spent in the car, stroller, and our arms.
This is how Lily and I's room was set up.  I tried to make it so she couldn't see me when she was going down and waking up.

Mid afternoon we headed out to the wedding venue for the rehearsal.  It was a beautiful place and very peaceful.
Mommy and Lily in front of the Lily Pond.

Lily and I checked out the donkeys and goats.  This goat checked us out and decided we were lacking some dirt.  It proceeded to butt the fence and knocked us down on MY butt.  Lily had a tiny spot on her forehead where the fence hit it, otherwise we were fine.  JERK!

Daddy and Lily
The rehearsal dinner was at Thirsty Planet Brewery.
Aunt Jenna and Lily

The cousins checking out the equipment on the Brewery tour.
Noelle, Adam, Ethan. and Mary
Noelle was super excited to get a Flower Girl cup with her name on it from Lindsay.
We finally made our way back to the hotel about 9:30pm.  Desiree had told us that she was able to get moved to a suite like she had reserved and that they made it sound like there were several available.  We decided to ask about it and were able to get one as well.  We headed upstairs and packed up the two rooms and moved downstairs into a room all together.  YEAH!!  It was 10pm by the time we got settled and put the kids to bed.  What a long day!

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