Wednesday, May 16, 2012


That is bird poop.  I was innocently driving down the road when it happened.  Not sure what I did to offend the bird who so rudely dropped it on my windshield. And yes, I had to watch it streak up my windshield as I drove.  Yuck.  Even Noelle was disgusted by that.

I should have taken that and the incident 2 minutes earlier as an omen.  That first incident?  I needed to get over to the right a couple lanes.  When nobody would let me over I slowed down so I wouldn't miss my turn.  The person behind me was so impatient that they cut to the right real quick and raced around me.  Seriously.  I yelled a naughty word.  Then I had to apologize and explain to Noelle that what I said was not nice or acceptable.  Then I drove right through the parking lot and back out to the street.  I didn't have time to wait in the huge line I could easily see through the window.

I dropped Noelle at school and went to a Starbucks closer to work that is always real quick if I go inside.

Got to work and fed Little Man a great breakfast, which is not an easy feat.  Within 10 minutes he proceeded to puke ALL of it back up.  He keeps getting constipated and pushes so hard to attempt to poop that he pukes up anything in his stomach.  It is literally driving me insane!!  It's made worse by the fact that he is VERY underweight at this point and I work very hard to get good meals into him.

The rest of my work day went fine until 5:40pm when I was giving him a bottle.  He didn't want any more after about 3-3 1/2 ounces so I was capping the bottle when he proceeded to throw up all of it in my lap.  So not kidding here.  And it was not due to pooping.  All it takes is one bite/drink too many for this kid to bring back up whatever you just got in him.  I walk a very fine line feeding him.  Thank god I had made a full formula bottle instead of part formula and part whole cow milk like I should have.  (I was trying to cut back on the dairy in my desperation to get his poop to soften up.)  I can live with formula smell.  If it had been cow milk I may have thrown up myself.  As a side note:  I don't do throw up.  I literally spend the whole time cleaning it up gagging and trying not to puke myself.  So anyway, my entire lap and crotch/butt was soaked with formula.  Had to live with it till I got home too.

I went through the Starbucks drive through on my way home.

Is it Friday yet??

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