Friday, May 18, 2012

Noelle's Spring Fling

Noelle's daycare had a little program today where the kids sang for the parents.  It was short and cute. They sang and did the motions to 4 finger plays.  

I LOVE these little programs.  It would be really nice if just once I could actually see my kid though.  My kids are always in the back row and always have a child standing right in my viewing path.  The top two pictures are the best I was able to see her the whole 10 minutes of the show.  So far Lily is kinda petite.  I guess I have a chance of her being in the front when her time comes.

I had to ask Noelle to "please change into a pretty dress" this morning.  She wears some pretty atrocious outfits sometimes since she fully dresses herself.  She was originally wearing a Rockies jersey with purple/blue capris.  Doesn't sound too bad, except that the purples DO NOT match at all.

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