Monday, March 7, 2011

It's official.


Lost my full time income today.  Noelle had an awful day it was REALLY bad.  So bad that I was told I could finish out the month without bringing her with me or be done today.  I said I would start packing my stuff.  Chapter closed, I'm done with it.  It's for the better for myself and my entire family.

I will still work 2-3 days per week for the other 2 families I work for.  But the money isn't enough in the long run to help sustain us.

So when Noelle is in a good mood she is VERY, VERY well behaved and helpful, great to be around.  When she is in a bad mood you better watch out!  Screaming, growling, spitting, scratching.  usually she will also hit and kick when in these moods.  I was so thankful that the worst she did today was scratch and try to pinch (I was holding her on a chair for time out at the time).  It's like a whole different person!  And nothing we do can bring her out of it...unless we are just going to let her have her way always and expect nothing out of her.  Obviously we are not willing to do such, then she would be a terror 100% of the time.  I'm just so frustrated with the behavior.  Back in October or so we had 3 visits with Children's Hospital's Psychiatry department.  It went no where.  The lady didn't know how to help Noelle, but was more than happy to tell us how to parent.  The thing is that I truly believe we are okay parents.  We try very hard to be consistent with her and parent to her strong willed personality (we took a seminar on the strong willed child).  I also think there is something in her we just don't get.  I need Children's help in figuring out what is going on with her when she goes into these rages.  Anyway, I went ahead and left a message for the lady we saw before so that we can get her transferred to the main campus and hopefully see someone who can actually help us.  I really hope to hear back from them tomorrow and also hope they can see her ASAP.

I am going to try really hard to enjoy the rest of my week and get some things done around the house that haven't been done because of working FT.  I also need to keep up on some sort of routine to our days at home. Thank goodness Noelle's preschool is already paid through the end of the school year so she will continue going 3 days a week for 3 hours each day.  I'll need that time to get a plan in action and just to relax a little.

Hoping for a better tomorrow!!

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