Sunday, March 6, 2011

More of the story....

I had hinted at some "problems" last time I wrote.  Now that it is official I figured I should write about it and get it out of my head a little more.

In about a months time, maybe less or more, I will lose my FT income.  My FT job had been not going very well in the month of February.  A lot of tension in the house, especially after I was told, at the beginning of February, that I needed to get better control over Noelle at their house.  Unfortunately the mom I work for was out of town for 3 weeks in February and it just wasn't possible to have a meeting with everyone  We were finally able to sit down last Tuesday and talk.  I was told that they are pursuing other childcare options for Anna since our parenting styles do not fit well together.  The gist of it is that since I am not able to get Noelle to follow directions 100% of the time I am losing my job.  Pretty crappy really.  They think I am too CALM when dealing with her during a tantrum.  I would just love to know how they want me to react!  It is extremely hard to discipline my own child in my bosses house when the dad is there all day.  I'm pretty sure that if I were shouting, yelling, or spanking her in front of them that they wouldn't like it.  Believe me when I say that "calm" and "Noelle" rarely go together when she is losing it, which usually only happens with me about once a week or less.  (It happens far more frequently anytime her Daddy has to take care of her instead of me.) At home I yell.  At home I shout.  At home she may get a swat on the butt.

I was careful to ask if there was anything they wanted me to do different with ANNA in the month or so I have left with her.  Should I do more of anything, maybe less of something?  NO!!!  They say I am a great nanny and love everything I have done and do for Anna every day.

So I am an amazing nanny, but since my own child can act out and not follow directions I can no longer care for their child.  SO FRUSTRATING!!

Despite my frustration with the whole situation, I actually do think this is for the better.  I am seriously considering taking a CNA course and going to work for PASCO.  They do home health care.  I think I would really enjoy it and would be very good at it.  The mom in a family I have worked for for almost 4 years now works for them.  She says it is a great company to work for and thinks I would be great at it.

Lots of decision making in my near future.  Plus, I think it's time we do some consolidating of J's student loan bills.  Ugh!  I don't look forward to it, but it really would help us out to not be paying so many different bills each month.  Maybe I will take the plunge and drop Wells*Fargo while I am at it (HATE THEM!!).

I'm looking forward to a nice normal March and especially to our vacation to New Jersey in a few weeks!!  Can't wait to go relax with some of my very favorite people.  The kids, and cousins, are all so excited!  This will be our first trip out there since they moved before Noelle was even born.

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