Friday, January 8, 2010


Every Christmas we ask to receive memberships or gift certificates to things that allow us to get out of the house and have fun as a family.  The kids have tons of toys already and we aren't home THAT much to be honest.  We are so thankful this year to have had our Denver Zoo membership renewed for another year and to have been gifted with a HUGE gift certificate to our local recreation center, The Trails.  Our families are so generous and giving and we really appreciate it!!

The kids and I went to The Trails today and had a tour so we could take advantage of everything they offer.  And we also went swimming, FOR FREE!!  Apparently they give you your first visit free.  What a nice surprise.  The facilicy is very nice and I really liked the layout.  They offer everything you could want there, even massages!!  The only thing I was iffy on was the family locker room.  Where as it had many rooms to change in, it only has 2 stalls with a shower and toilet in them.  I'm pretty big on rinsing off right away after swimming since we all suffer very dry skin.  It won't be a big deal when J is with us since he can take Adam into the Men's and I can take Noelle into the Women's locker room.  But on those days when I take the kids on my own I will be really lucky if we get to shower off before heading home (BTW, we didn't get to today.)

I plan on getting Adam into swim lessons in Feb. or March so that he is a little more independent in the water this summer.  It's odd that he is no longer confident in the water.  2 summers ago when we lived at the apartment he was VERY good in the water and was pretty much swimming, or at least able to keep himself above water.  Today I really had to convince him to even try to put his ears and head in the water.  After about 2 hours he was doing better though. 

I am going to hold off on lessons for Noelle until she turns 4 and they will do her more good.  She is very comfortable in the water already and knows how to keep her head up, mouth closed, and allow us to dunk her without (usually) taking in water.  What I would actually like to do for her is get her into a dance class.  They have a pre-ballet class for 3 year olds.  It would really do her good to have the instruction of another adult and to have to follow their rules and guidlines, no choices offered.

We also had the chance to take advantage of our Denver Zoo membership this month.  Included where two free passes for their Zoo Lights.  All we had to pay was $3 admission for Adam!!  The weather cooperated so we didn't freeze like we did 2 years ago.  The kids really enjoyed the animated displays.  Adams fav was the Dragon one.

We warmed up by going through Tropical Discovery.

As can be seen by the pics I had the kids wear full winter gear.  They didn't mind, and at least they were warm!

We had such a great holiday season and I'm excited to see what the next couple months will bring, starting with Noelle turning 3!!  Stay tuned for my thoughts on that!!

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  1. How sweet! I'm glad you are already enjoying your memberships. :)


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