Friday, January 8, 2010

The Holiday In Review

Every year we (Stef, Sheri, and I) gather sometime the week before Christmas to bake the cookies and other treats we all love.  This year both kids came with, in the hope they would actually want to help.  No such luck.  But they were playing so well I really didn't mind.  I commented several times how happy I was they were behaving so well...then Adam came in and said Noelle had drawn blue all over her face.  Yes, she did have blue chalk all over her mouth.  But I also found out she ATE the chalk!  I seriouslly scrubbed her teeth with an adult toothbrush and paste for at least 5 minutes and there was still a tiny bit of blue in her molars!!  That was bad enough, but then all hell broke loose when I saw she had drawn with the chalk on my parents white living room wall.  I was SOOO upset!!  It's one thing for her to behave in such a way at my house, but to do it at someone else's made me so mad, angry, and sad (all at once) that I had to usher her out of the house towards home ASAP or I was going to let loose the tears.  (She did have to clean the mess up first, which did NOT fully come off.  With me trying really hard not to cry the whole time.)  Now, if you know me very well you know that I don't cry easily.  It takes extreme frustration or extreme pain to made the tears come out.  Unfortunately Noelle causes me extreme frustration way more than you could imagine.  Not a good way to start off Christmas week.  :(

Noelle loves men!!  Uncle Derrick is by far her favorite uncle, and she has 5.  She attatched herself to him right away Christmas morning.  He even let her help with the fruit for brunch.  After an iffy start she was even in Grant's lap (Jenna's guy).

Oh wonderfull, another weapon!!  LOL  Thanks Uncle Merle!

The kids, and us, really enjoyed our time with Greg and Michele over Christmas.  We can't wait to see them again this summer.

Thanks everyone for a memerable end to the year!!

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  1. Merle and your dad are like peas in a pod, aren't they? LOL Great photos... sad we couldn't be there this year.


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