Friday, February 20, 2009

New offer, Same house

It's kind of a weird story, but we ended up putting in a second offer on the house we already had an offer on, and the second offer is for a lower price. (If you want to know the whole story just ask!) We hope to hear back ASAP so we can get the ball rolling , especially since we originally put the offer in January 12th. If we get the house there is some work that HAS to be done before we can move in. Mainly the downstairs and stairs carpet has to come up, the sub floor treated or replaced a little, and new carpet laid. I would also love to paint Noelle's room BEFORE we were to move in, just to make it easier. She has never had a room done for her, even though we have the decorations we want for it. Oh, and furniture, she'll need that too! I would love a daybed with a trundle bed for her room.

Our hope would be to close on the house about mid March in order to have time to get this stuff done and NOT have to pay market plus $350 on our apartment for a 2nd month. Should have good news by mid week next week!

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