Saturday, November 15, 2008

we HAD snow....

for a few hours anyway. We woke up Friday morning to snow on the ground and more coming down. Adam was SOOO excited!! The weatherman said we were going to get snow a couple other times and it never happened, much to Adam's disappointment. Justin nor I had any clue we were going to get snow this time so it was a complete surprise to all of us in the morning. I took the kids out at about 10am to play before we had to go to an appointment. I'm glad I didn't put it off because when we came home about 11:30am the only snow left was a very small mound where someone had piled it up before we made it outside. Adam had a blast throwing snowballs at Noelle and I. Noelle took at least 10 minutes to be okay with the snow and cold, and even after that she was only tolerating it.

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  1. You guys got more snow than us - we didn't have near enough to make snowballs!


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