Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a really fun day on Friday. First Stef, Steve, and I took the kids over to the Children's Museum of Denver for the Trick or Treat Street they had. The kids got to do some trick or treating, craft, and games. They rode on a kid train that drives around on the plaza and then we all took a short ride on the trolley that runs along the South Platt. We had a good time, although I had expected there to be a little bit more to do than there was. Afterwards we all went to dinner at Jay's along with a few more adults and kids. Then it was off to the Cordova house for real Trick or Treating. In past years we have taken Adam to a max of 10 houses, but it was so nice out we stayed out for an hour and a half. There were about 12 of us, but only 5 were kids. We had such a great time getting to visit and walk around. Adam was actually in short sleeves with NO coat.

I don't actually have any pictures from Friday because I forgot my camera, and of course Stef didn't have hers either. I guess it's a good thing we took pics at the zoo! I really hope Adam remembers this Halloween since he will probably never have such a warm one again.

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  1. It really was surreal that there was NO SNOW this year. Glad you guys had fun!


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