Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dentist Visit

The kids went to the dentist Saturday morning for cleanings and exams. Adam has been to the dentist several times since he turned 1 and has always enjoyed it and done a great job. This was Noelle's first visit so we had very low expectations. We had Adam go first so she could watch him and hopefully like it because Adam does (usually that's all it takes for her to like something). She really surprised us by being very excited for her turn. We all had to leave the exam area when Adam had his x-rays and she was telling us "clean my teeth" the whole time. She let them do a cleaning and exam!! We were very proud of her!


  1. How awesome is that? good to see they like going to the dentist, my mom was a stickler about us kids getting our teeth cleaned and everything.....I love her very much for that now that I can see the long term benefits. Love the sunglasses BTW!

  2. Sunglasses... brilliant. Yay for Noelle!!


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