Friday, January 4, 2013

Skating Fun

Adam and Noelle received free passes to a local skating rink before the winter break.  Even though they really wanted to go and I wanted to take them I kept putting it off.  I couldn't figure out the logistics of taking care of Lily and helping the kids.  They were able to convince me today that they could be out there alone so we went for it.  They actually did really well!

They cleared the rink RIGHT when they were ready to go, so here they are waiting.

They were glued to the wall for about the first 45 minutes.  I kept trying to convince them that the best way to learn was to get AWAY from the wall and concentrate on staying up and moving forward.  

Once they both let go they did great!  I was very proud of them for sticking it out through all the falls. and they were plentiful!

Way to go Noelle!!  She has a lot more confidence than Adam when it comes to this type of thing. 

Lily chose today, as if she can control such things, to start cutting her bottom teeth.  Poor Little Bug!  Booming music/bass combined with jaw and ear pain wasn't helping her feel any better.  She was a trooper though and hung on through it.  She was often covering her ears when I looked at her though.  :( 

We all had a good time.  Adam learned to never wear ankle socks rolling skating though, LOL!  He only owns such since it is what he prefers and it never occurred to me to tell him to grab some of Noelle's socks.  Live and learn, right?!  I want to take them back this weekend so we can all get on the ice.  We have 4 passes left and J and I can trade off with Lily.  Although J can't skate, so maybe we'll just leave him on the sidelines with Lily the whole time and he can take embarrassing pictures of me making a fool of myself on the rink.

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