Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's a perfect day for sledding down the street on a sheet of ice.

Our neighbors are out of town and due to return tomorrow.  I went out in the freezing air to shovel their driveway since I don't want one of them falling and getting hurt.  (They are about my parents age.)  Since the sun will hit the driveway all morning tomorrow I am hoping it will dry up all the way before they get home.  The driveway is also steeper than mine, which means if it is icy it would be next to impossible to get up it.

The kids wanted to come out to play as well.  They sled down the driveway a few times and it worked, but it's kinda short.  I suggested they go to the top of the street and try that.  It wasn't all that great on their own, BUT once I went up and gave them a nice pull to start them off it was perfect.  We had fun for the 10-15 minutes we could stay out.  It's COLD outside!!  Now the kids are watching a movie with Justin and I'm relaxing for a few minutes.  We are being rewarded with some hot chocolate too!

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