Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lily is 11 Months!

AHHHH!!!  I can't believe she keeps getting older.  I'm still working on that stop growing up thing with her, but she just won't do it!  My sweet little bug is already 11 months old.  :(

Here's what she's up to now:

She is *almost* out of the 9 month Carter's clothing.  The pants are mostly fine, but onesies are getting short all around.  I'm moving her to 12 month pj's right now.

She throws tantrums, oh yes she does.  It's still pretty laughable at this point.  It's usually over not being allowed to touch my laptop or not getting her morning bottle in her mouth fast enough.  She will literally fall off my lap when I am trying to get her positioned.  LOL!

She is still wearing shoes that are made to fit about a 3-6 month old.  I'm not even sure they are a size 1, maybe a 0?  The kid has tiny feet.

She is taking 4 bottles of formula a day.  Dairy even!  The first of my kids to manage that.  She'll drink 5-6.8 ounces usually each time.  That 4th one is given to her about 10pm though, so I need to stop that about her first birthday.  I don't want to create a habit that she starts waking up on her own for.

She lays on the boppy style pillow and feeds herself the 2nd and 3rd bottles!  Neither of my other kids were ever willing to hold their own bottle.

She is eating a fully solid food diet, no baby food except the occasional pouch.  This was actually the key to finally get her to eat.  She never did like that pureed food crap.  She takes yogurt and applesauce off a spoon still, and I'm trying to get her to finish the tiny bit of Rice Cereal we have left.

On the subject of food...she LOVES veggies, especially green ones.  But just try to get her to eat fruit.  Nope, not going to happen.  Except, natural applesauce.  Actually, that's partially a lie.  She won't eat canned fruit, but seems to like the fresh stuff.  She won't touch a canned mandarin orange, but likes it when I take the skin layer off a cutie and give her just the flesh inside.  I'm *this* close to just giving her a veggie at breakfast instead of offering the fruit she never eats anymore.  

Still no teeth.  Honestly, what is up with that?  Adam cut a tooth at 8 months and Noelle at 9 months.  The whole "I only eat solid foods" thing would be a heck of a lot easier if she would get some dang teeth!

She still LOVES our dog Shadow.  She gets so excited when he follows me into her room every morning.  It's awesome!  She pulls up on him to stand, tugs at his mouth, pats him...he is so good with her.

For the most part she enjoys her Sissy (Noelle) and Bubby (Adam).  She lights up when she sees them, but does get annoyed if they are moving her around too much.

She just started sharing a room with Noelle on Sunday.  So far it's iffy.  She is just so social and wants to talk and play with Noelle all night.  Stinker!!

Pictures!!  This is SO hard now that she is so mobile and can flip and be off in a split second.  We have managed to take them every month, even though they haven't always been on time.

She REALLY didn't want any part of a photo shoot.

This is the best I managed with the ladybug cape and hat.  BRAT!

Happy 11 Months Lily Bug!

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