Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lily's 2 month check up

Lily went to the pediatrician for her 2 month well visit Friday.  Here's her stats:

Weight:  9 lbs 10.9 ozs  (17.94%)
Height:  21.85 "  (25.78%)
Head:  12.09% (didn't give me an actual number)

She seems so HUGE to me, but I guess she is just a little thing.  

I was curious so I went back and looked at Adam and Noelle's 2 month well checks.

Adam - 13 lbs 5 ozs and 23.5"
Noelle - 10 lbs 14 ozs and 22.5"

WOW, big difference between the three of them.  It's easy to see why Adam grew out of the infant seat due to his height at 4 months old.  Back then the seat only went to 24"!!  I don't remember Adam being so big, but I guess he didn't look chubby since he was so tall.  Lily is the first of the kids to be exclusively breast fed.  Adam had mouth issues and couldn't since and Noelle refused to nurse.  I pumped for maybe 6 weeks with both of them but was never able to get more than an ounce total at a pumping session.  So really they were both formula fed from about 1 week or less.  I think that makes a big difference in size.

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  1. two months already! Slow that baby down! She seems little to me for two months. Nicole was almost 9 pounds at birth! :) Congrats on the nursing.


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