Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting out

Getting my kids out of the house to experience the world is a HUGE priority for me.  I especially love taking them to the Denver Zoo.  We can spend several hours just meandering around.  I always ask what they want to see that day, but we have no agenda.  If we only see a quarter of the animals that's okay.  Actually, we rarely make it through more than about half of the zoo's 80 acres!

Adam really enjoys reading the plaques to learn more about the animals.

The zoo has several areas for kids to play.  We really like this new section by the sea lion pool.  It has sand, rocks, and a fake river to play in.  Tons of fun and a great way to cool off and relax after walking so many acres in a few hours!

We also enjoy attending fun events at the zoo like Zoomily...

and Boo at the Zoo!  Who wouldn't enjoy trick or treating at the zoo!

More often though we enjoy going on walks and playing at the park.  We are very fortunate to have several great parks within walking distance, plus several more that are just a few minutes away by car.  Right now we are mostly sticking to our neighborhood parks since I have a 2 month old.  I prefer the parks that have lots of options for the kids to play and be imaginative.  Swings, climbing equipment, an open grassy area, and a covered structure are my preferences.  

This park sits at the top of my son's elementary school.  It's a perfect place to meet him when school lets out.  It is about a mile from home by foot, so it also allows us a little rest before the trek back to the house.

About once a year we try to get to the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Butterfly Pavilion.  The Botanic Gardens is gorgeous no matter what time of year you go, but is bursting with color and blooms during the Spring and Summer.  There is a ton of space for the kids to run and explore.

Playing at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

I hope am pretty sure the kids really enjoy these outings and look forward to them.  I really enjoy making the memories with them and hope they remember how much fun we had when they are older.

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  1. Looks like a great time at the zoo! I really enjoy taking mine there too...we've been members of our zoo since my oldest was born. The zoo never gets old; my boys are all animal lovers. We need to expand our horizons a bit and find some new parks and gardens to explore!

  2. Every weekend adventures that are about spending time together are absolutely the best (: I know my boys enjoy them as well.


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