Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Dust

I've been playing with my camera to learn how to use it better and to get better pics. Some of these were taken with the digital macro, one with color swap, and the others the normal kids & pets setting. I normally take all my pics on auto flash and the kids & pets setting. My favorite pic on Wednesday was Noelle's hand making the chalk line above. The only thing lacking is a clever quip for a title. Any suggestions??

My kids don't just make pictures on the driveway with their chalk, oh no, they make chalk paint AND THEN make hand prints and pictures on the driveway. I had this huge bucket of chalk one day, then they figured out how fun it was to make the paint (I admit they had some help from the rest of the kids on the block). Now I would be surprised if you can even find a small chunk out there. LOL They sure have fun though!
I LOVE seeing these little hand prints all over the driveway, it makes me smile and smirk every time. The bigger the mess on my driveway the more I know the kids are having fun and not inside watching TV or video games all the time. (I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that this winter.)
I don't know what it is about red dye, but it always stains.


  1. GREAT pics, Charlotte! I wish I could figure out what went wrong with my camera, I love playing with the macro setting too.

  2. Great photos Charlotte!!! taking the macro and depth of field shots make it more interesting. 2 thumbs up!! Keep trying different angles and playing with the camera. I think between the artsy and regular candid shots you really have the material for an interesting photo journal.

    Keep it up!


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