Friday, August 28, 2009

Eyes and Peanuts

Noelle had both Eye Doctor and Allergist appointments Friday morning. She always does so well for Dr. King, her eye doctor and who performed her surgery. The last few eye appointments she has sat all by herself and done everything they ask her to. We no longer notice any laziness to the left eye, but she does favor the right one. She is 20/20 in each eye which is great!! Her one eye is still crossing though. I went ahead and ordered new frames and lenses this time. She was at a +2 for about 18 months and has been at +2.75 the last 2 appointments (she goes every 4 months). Since she got her glasses at 9 months she was starting to outgrow them anyway. I got a pair with clip on sunglasses like J and I use, so we will see how that goes!

We had great news from the Allergist, Dr. Nan, she is not seriously allergic to peanuts, just sensitive!! She tested negative on the skin prick that was peanut liquid, but had a small reaction to the prick of actual peanut butter. Because the IGH(?) did not react we do not have to worry about her ever developing the more dangerous reaction that causes anaphylaxis. She can safely eat foods that are "manufactured in a facility as". I plan to keep her off straight peanuts whenever possible, but I am so excited that she will not have to sit at the "peanut free" table when she starts school!!

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