Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homemade Christmas

When we moved into the apartment last May we packed a 5x7 storage pod completely full, including every Christmas decoration we own. The pod is right down the street from us, BUT the Christmas stuff is on the bottom in the back, and it was one of those 'hold the last thing in and close the door real quick' deals. In hindsight I realize I should have at least kept out our stockings, which are very special to us. Every year we each add a charm to our stocking to commemorate the year. We always make a special trip to the store just for the charms. I'm sure we will still pick them out this year, just won't be able to add them till next year.

The whole point of this is that we have NO Christmas items. I did go ahead and buy a 32" fiber optic tree that changes colors constantly. A little cheesy, but hey at least it is a tree. We joked for a couple weeks that we would cut out a tree from green paper and tape it to the wall, then we could just pile the presents by the below it against the wall. We had a pack of small ornaments that were given to us recently that were just the right size for the tree and we have each made an ornament out of craft foam as well. Justin and the kids have made a very long paper chain that goes all the way around our living and dining room space. It's a start anyway. I do hope to find a few inexpensive decorations. Oh, I almost forgot about the angel. We all made an angel for the top of the tree out of craft foam. She has a glittery halo and very glittery wings!


  1. I bet the kids will have wonderful memories of their homemade Christmas!

  2. When I lived in Hawaii one year we didn't have enough money to get a real Christmas tree so we put Christmas lights up in the wall in the shape of a tress and hung orients from the wires. We put the presents around the wall and it was the most awesome tree ever. That's the one and only Christmas tree I will always remember. Love seeing the photos and posts.....keep it up!

  3. I love the angel! You'll remember this Christmas more because you had to make all the homemade ornaments and decorations, that is what it's all about, the time together with your are blessed with some wonderful kiddos!


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