Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A busy few days...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! All the food turned out great and we had a fun relaxing day at home and visiting with Justin's brother and sister, who joined us for dinner.

I got to go Scrapbooking with a couple friends on Friday night and had a great time. I have printed all my pictures up till last week and can't wait to get it all scrapbooked. I have been trying to do a couple pages every few nights so that I can have Noelle's album caught up by her birthday in January. Should be pretty easy to do since I am already to August of this year.

We all went out Saturday morning to play in all the snow we got overnight. We probably had about 2 inches here at the apartment, even though other areas barely had any. We had a great time having a snowball fight! Its been a long time since I took part in one of those. Justin and I couldn't figure out why we were both so sore the next day, it actually took as a while to realize it was from the snowball fight. I guess we need to get out more! LOL Justin and the kids made snow angels and then we went inside to warm up with warm spiced cider. Adam loves the snow, always has. Noelle is still a little wary, I don't blame her though, I'm not much a fan myself.

Saturday night we went up to my sister and brother-in-law's house for dinner and to just visit. They made a very yummy kid friendly dinner of fried chicken tenders, mac and cheese and homemade biscuits! My whole family loves the mac and cheese which is a homemade recipe with lots of Velveeta. The kids helped Stef decorate her tree while we were there and Adam found a PlayStation game that he fell in love with and brought home to practice so he can beat Uncle Steve at it next time they play.

So far this week has been a doozy and I am really looking forward to the end of it. Yesterday Noelle found some crayons in the closet at work while she was supposed to be sleeping and proceeded to eat them, draw on the wall and carpet, and generally make a mess. Neither my boss nor I had any clue they were in the room or we would have taken them out. It was my very first experience with this in all my years as a nanny and mom, I am very careful about keeping art supplies out of reach when not in use. Monday night I got the news that Adam's daycare would not be re-opening under the current owners and would be sold and hopefully opened up in January some time through a new company. I decided it was time to pull him out and asked my boss if it would be okay to bring him with me. They very generously said that would be fine and I am SOOO thankful for it. It really takes a load off my shoulders, as well as saves me $120 a week. That day, Tuesday, was his last day at daycare and he will be with me from now on. I plan on looking into the center when they re-open but am sure they will be even more expensive than the old one. I am also hoping the change will improve some of the awful behavior we are seeing from him recently.

Thursday we are heading up to Westminster for the Tree Lighting at the fire station by my parents house. I am looking forward to it as it will be my first year, even though Adam has gone for several years. Then Friday night is my MOPS Christmas party and Saturday I will be going to a paint your own pottery studio with MOPS and then to lunch afterwards.

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