Saturday, October 11, 2008

Noelle bares her backside

Noelle just doesn't like bedtime. She usually does great up until we actually tell her to go say goodnight to Adam and whichever of us wasn't reading to her. She usually starts screaming instantly and yelling "NO". It all started when we took her out of her crib and into a toddler bed soon after she turned a year. Since then she has gone back and forth between the toddler bed and a playpen. She is currently in the playpen because mommy decided that spending 30-60 minutes each night getting her to stay in bed, with her screaming or laughing at us the whole time, was just too much of a stress right now. (I really wouldn't care about her staying in the bed except that Adam shares a room with her and she opens the door and comes out.) She has been very mad at us at bedtime this last week. We finally decided to not even go in her room anymore so that she wouldn't be getting that attention from us. Last Tuesday when I went to tuck the kids in before going to sleep myself I had quite the shock. Noelle was asleep on her belly with only her pajama top on, no pants or DIAPER! I honestly couldn't stop laughing and went to grab the camera for a picture before even thinking about how to handle the situation. Once I finally controlled my laughter I had to figure out how to diaper a kid sleeping on her belly. Thank goodness she hadn't peed yet! We keep pull-ups around for when we are out so I decided the best thing to do would be to slip one of those on her. She was even nice enough to lift her pelvis for me. For some reason it never occurred to me that she would do it again. Wednesday night she only took off her pants, but Thursday she went for the diaper again. This time she had peed, in TWO places, before I did my nightly tucking in. Noelle is no longer allowed to wear two piece pj's to bed, only zippered footie ones. The girl sure keeps me on my toes!!


  1. I just had to laugh. =) Maybe she'll be potty-trained before you know it!

  2. Don't we just love the bare backside pictures. I am glad you grabbed the camera to capture the moment. She may not be too thrilled as she becomes a teenager though. hehehehehe

  3. I'm with Michelle, but I'll take it one step further - frame it! Haha! Kisses to Noelle.


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