Sunday, October 19, 2008

Could have been worse

I got a call from Justin about noon on Saturday while I was at MOPS. When a phone call starts out "Charlotte, this is important!" you know something is seriously wrong. Apparently Noelle decided she needed some vitamins and sat at the table and ate Adam's vitamin, a vitamin c capsule (opened it and spilled most on table), a Claritin, and chewed up and spat out one of my prenatals. Justin, Adam, and I use 7 day pill boxes because otherwise I would never remember when or if we took out vitamins. We (used to) keep them on the dining table in a wooden bowl with the napkins so we remembered to take them every night at dinner. Now, she has sat at the table in my spot daily for months and has never tried to play with the pill boxes, until Saturday. I told Justin he needed to call Poison Control immediately and he did. Thank goodness for that sticker with the number on the phone and a magnet on the fridge. At that point he had no clue how much of what she had managed to ingest. Poison control said she would be fine since she ingested so little, apparently she would have to eat about 10 prenatals and 30 vitamin C before it would hurt her. They told him to give her some milk and crackers to soak up what she ate in her belly. She is fine and we are very thankful it didn't happen on a Sunday night or Monday when there would have been 6-7 days of pills in the boxes. Needless to say we are no longer keeping the pills on the table. I'm sure we will forget more days than before, but Noelle's health and life are too important to have it any other way. We bought a box to put the pills in that is tall enough that she can't see what is in it and are keeping it up on the counter where she can't reach.


  1. Fun times. ((HUG))

  2. Lauren helped herself to a contaner full of Bean's adhd meds. Yikes. There are some weeks I feel like i should be on the frequent caller list for Poison control. Glad she was ok.

  3. How scary! Praise God that she didn't take much. I'm so glad she's okay.


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