Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grandpa Ron's Birthday

We went up north to celebrate my dad's birthday Monday night. The kids always love going to grandma and grandpa's house, especially now that we don't get to see them as often. We enjoyed chili and homemade chocolate cake, yum! Ever since Adam was a baby he has gotten gifts at every birthday celebrated at grandma and grandpa's house, regardless of who's birthday it is! So Adam got a guitar and Noelle a monkey with it's own cage, it even talks! They both loved the presents!! Uncle Merle brought a bag full of neat toys to play with too. The kids had a blast chasing a remote controlled helicopter and hovercraft around, as well as a mechanical cockroach that walked around.

Also, their Papa Greg's birthday is today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!!

I had to go buy Noelle some onesies today. Now she has figured out how to undo her diaper while dressed! I went to get her out of quiet time in the play pen, time out because she kept yelling at me, and she had her shirt off and her diaper undone. At least her pants were still on. Right before bed she tried taking her diaper off again while in her footie pj's. I decided it would be a good idea to start wearing the onesies tonight.

I forgot to mention how Noelle smushed her finger last Friday. She was in her closet trying to close the door and ended up with her pinkie in the bi-fold door. Of course every time she tried to pull it out it just got squeezed even more. I heard her crying and couldn't figure out why she wouldn't come to me. Well duh, SHE COULDN'T!! Poor kid, her top 1/3 of her pinkie was completely flat. I thought for sure we would be going to the ER or something. Amazingly though it has NO damage. No bruise and no marks on the fingernail, which is fully intact. I now wish I had taken a picture but I was just so worried that it was going to be damaged badly it hadn't occurred to me.


  1. Happy birthday to Ron! The kids look older in those pics - wasn't too long ago that I saw them last, but looking at them here... wow.

  2. Ouch! Poor Noelle!

    She does look so much older in those pics. What a cutie! Adam too!


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