Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Am Thankful...Day 1

*I am committing to writing every day this month about something I am thankful for.*

Day 1 - Today I am thankful for amazing friends who stepped up to help move my family on Halloween evening!  Especially since it allowed me to spend the holiday with my children and take them Trick-or-Treating.

Alex - Thank you for your help getting the ball rolling and taking Justin to pick up the truck!

Loren - Thank you for spending so many hours on your day off moving boxes and furniture!

Mike - Thank you for not only helping on Halloween, but for coming to help finish the following day AND for giving up your own Halloween with your boys.

Chris - Thank you for the countless boxes and pieces of furniture you helped move and for also giving up your Halloween with your precious little girl.  I *think* you also made the dinner run.

Lorien - Thank you for allowing us to have your husband for the night!

Martha - THANK YOU!  You not only gave up your husband for the night, but after celebrating the holiday with your boys you came to help out as well!  You are awesome!

We love you all and have something very special planned as a thank you.

Our new home!

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