Friday, June 7, 2013

Early bird...

...gets to read?  NO!!  So, Adam was up at/by 5:45am Thursday and 5:30 today.  Why?  I think it is so he can read.  I even made him go to bed 15 minutes early last night since he got out of bed 15 minutes early.  Oh man, that was interesting!  Imagine a 9 year old whining and crying, "But I'm not tired!"  Whatever!  He was really pissed since it was bath night and so he didn't end up reading at home at all. 

I wonder what he will think when I send his butt to bed at 7:30/8 tonight and Noelle gets to stay up 30 minutes longer.  (Granted, Noelle will most likely misbehave and get sent to bed as well.  LOL!)

I really don't want to do it, but that boy is about to get reading time taken away as punishment.  Stinker.

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