Friday, April 30, 2010

Reading support for kids

Adam's teacher told us about this great FREE site, book adventure. It is run by Sylvan Learning, but is completely free. It is really great!! You make an account for your child (also one for you so you can follow their progress without logging into them, really for older kids) and then you can choose what type of book (funny, sports, adventure, etc..) they like most and what grade level your child is and which grade you want your child to read. It brings up a huge list of books to choose from. We get our books from the library and every once in a while just happen to have one of the books on hand. After they read the book you log back into the account and they do a 5 question multiple choice quiz to test their comprehension on the book. Based on how many they get correct they earn points that can be used for special prizes on the site OR you can create a special prize personalized for the child. It is really helping us keep Adam on track and make sure we are challenging him, but not pushing him too much. He is in Kindergarten, but he reads grade 1 and some grade 2 books off the site. Oddly enough ALL the books from the library come from the Easy Picture Books section! Before we learned of this site I was picking all his books from the next higher section, and was having a really hard time finding appropriate books (even using their dot system).

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