Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Shadow!

We got Shadow on August 23rd. He is a 6 month old coon/fox hound. For a puppy he is very well behaved and learns quickly. He follows some commands already; he will sit and come, and we are working on stay and bed. He is not very big on playing, but he is getting there. He more just wants you to love on him and let him lick you. I would say he is fully potty trained since the only time he has a problem is when he is being purposefully defiant (hmmm, I don't know anyone else like that LOL). If I don't take the time to love on him right when he comes inside or is let out of the kennel he goes upstairs and will pee right in front of you, while you are watching and yelling!! I think he even let me know that he wanted to go out to potty tonight, he stood at the back door and gave a little bark-like noise and when I came downstairs he started wagging his tail and looking outside. I let him out and he went right away! He is a very good dog and a great fit for our family. He doesn't bark much, usually only if other dogs are. He stops though when I say "friend". He is not bothered by the normal things dogs bark at. He usually shows no reaction to kids on the field behind the fence or the doorbell. He will prick his ears up at sirens but then goes back to sleep right away. The kids are doing good with him and are starting to understand that he prefers to be loved on than to play, usually.


  1. I'm excited that he is doing so well. :) He is a great pup!

  2. that is a "lookin" dog. He looks really loving.


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