Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adam's first spelling

The kids were doing some coloring at work yesterday. Adam very rarely puts any effort into his colorings and drawings. To be honest, you can't usually tell the difference between what he does and what Noelle does. The only bad report he has ever received in 2 years of preschool was because he scribbled through an assignment since he knew he had to get it done in order to move on to something else. He does actually enjoy drawing pictures if you are sitting and guiding him through it. I asked his teachers what they thought about it and they said its okay to have him start over if all he does is scribble and he has been told to draw nicely. Yesterday I told him I wanted pretty pictures and that I wanted to be able to tell the difference between his and Noelle's papers.

According to Adam this picture is supposed to show how everybody in our family is special. Each colored section is for someone different. When he wanted to write mommy he asked me how to spell it and I almost told him. Then I remembered what his teacher told me about letting him spell things phonetically. I think he actually did a great job on mommy and daddy. I was kinda impressed he put y's on the end, but since he is reading he does know that an 'e' at the end of a word is usually silent. I have wondered all along if me teaching him to read (instead of leaving it to someone qualified) was just screwing him up, I guess not!

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  1. Reading to kids when they are young is always a good idea. Just remember that even though he may or may not be at the same level as others his age doesn't necessary mean that there is something wrong. Some kids take longer, some take shorter times to get caught up to pace. I hope I can remember that when it's my turn to have kids. love the picture....very colorful!


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